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Designed to increase the performance of all scooters, ADIGE® clutch housings with an aluminum heat dissipator solve the problem of the loss of performance caused by high operating temperatures.

The high resistance of the heat treated steel, that assures the highest strength and friction, combined with the thermal proprieties of the finned aluminum, allow the ADIGE® clutch housings to reduce the operation temperatures by up to 35%, maintaining unchanged life and efficiency of the clutch housing.
  In this way, the centrifugal clutch maintains the best performance even in the highest stress conditions, avoiding the wear of the friction material and the strain of the clutch housing itself.

The ADIGE® clutch housings with aluminum heat dissipator are the best choice for the replacement of the stock component.

Engine Displacement (cc) Clutch Housing Ø (mm) Adler® Part # Color
Minarelli 50 107 FB-147 Verde
Minarelli - Yamaha 125 120 FB-151 Rosso
Peugeot 50 107 PG-149 Blu
Piaggio 50 107 VE-394 Viola
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