Reed Valves \ Rubber Metal

Reed valves are used to regulate and optimize the gas flow during the intake phase, to improve the distribution at every speed and RPM. ADIGE® reed valves, used by the most important motorcycle companies, are produced using an aluminum or thermoplastic base covered by a vulcanized   special rubber based compound (FPM, NBR or ECO), gas and ozone proof. ADIGE® reed valves are available for the most common 2-stroke engines in a standard version or in the following racing versions: “Air Bag” and “Power-Reed Valve”.

reed valves AIR BAG:
The ADIGE® “Air-Bag” Reed Valve, specifically designed for the Minarelli horizontal engine, is produced with a revolutionary system that pneumatically cushions the opening of the reeds during the intake phase; in this way the synchronism is optimized for the required performance, improving the gas flow.
reed valves POWER-REED VALVE:
The adjustable ADIGE® “Power-Reed Valve”, specifically designed for the application on the most powerful 2-stroke engines, allow the rider, thanks to the special structure of the reeds, to control completely the gas-air flow into the engine, changing the power curve of the bike and adapting it to the rider’s and track’s peculiarities. The use of the ADIGE® “Power-Reed Valve” creates the following improvements:
• Increase of torque, due to the better functioning of the cranckshaft-pump
• Shift of the maximum power point to higher RPM, getting a better utilization of the engine
• The choice of the thickness and material of the reeds and the set-up of the reed itself allow the changing of the power curve to get the best engine efficiency at medium or high RPMs.