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ADIGE®stands are produced from sheets of Peraluman, laser cut to assure the maximum lightness and transportation ease. The welding is done by hand using the TIG technique, to achieve sublime aesthetic standards combined with top level   mechanical performances. After the welding process, ADIGE®stands are hand-polished and anodized for a first-rate finishing.



Patented Rear Single-Arm Stand with eccentric cam movement:
can be used on either side of the bike for the replacement of both the rear wheel and the gear with only one stand. The pin must be adjusted to conform to the bike model prior to use.
Available pin dimensions:
21,5 mm 30,0 mm – 40,3mm 42,5 mm
Weight: 4,6 Kg.

Standard Rear Single-Arm Stand:
for the replacement of the rear wheel.
Available pin dimensions:
21,5 mm 40,3 mm – 42,5 mm
Weight: 5,6 Kg.

Rear Racing Stand:
used by the most important MotoGP & Superbike racing teams; this stand is available for the bikes with rear swingarm equipped with racing pins.
The distance between the spool supports is 355 mm.
Weight: 2,7 Kg.

Rear std. stand:
similar to the Racing stand, this TIG welded aluminum alloy stand is for use on the bikes that are not equipped with racing pins on the rear swingarm.
Weight: 3,4 Kg.

Footrest racing stand:
MotoGP & Superbike racing teams for the changing of rear wheels & shock absorbers.
The box for the VS-7 includes 2 pieces
Weight: 2.2 Kg for the two pieces

Universal adjustable rear stand::
stand can be used on most bikes, either with the racing pins on the rear swingarm and with the ones with standard swingarm. The distance between the spool supports on the VS-26 stand is adjustable from 290 mm to 350 mm.
Weight: 2.9 Kg.